Savvy Dog's Choice, LLC

"​Where All Dogs are Savvy Dogs"

​​​​​Camelia Isbell, owner/trainer, is a former college instructor of twenty years whose love of teaching and love of dogs merged when she formed her small business, Savvy Dog's Choice, LLC.  

Camelia believes that all dogs are savvy dogs:  they are opportunists that do what makes sense to them at any given moment.  Like people, dogs are excellent learners that can learn anything within their physical, mental and emotional capabilities.  Dogs that are encouraged to use their thinking processes, she believes, enjoy their lives more, are more relaxed and confident, and have stronger bonds with their human family members.

Keeping herself educated with up-to-date training methods based in science, Camelia reads extensively.  She must maintain her KPA certification by accumulating CEUs (continuing education units) every year, so she attends workshops and seminars, and takes advantage of online courses. 

Camelia's  focus is on the family dog; helping families keep their pets and ensuring that children with pets are educated about safety.   Her experience with her own fearful dog initiated her interest in helping others who have reactive and shy dogs.  Previously, she taught in a volunteer program in a shelter training dog walkers and caregivers how to help dogs become more adoptable, and has assisted in training classes with a local club.  After working with dogs with behavioral issues privately in homes, Camelia decided to focus on offering classes to help prevent behavioral problems.  From puppies to mature dogs, Camelia hopes to keep dogs and families together.

​In Camelia's experience, dogs respond quickly to clicker training, enjoying themselves and gaining confidence as they discover how making good choices pays off!  She knows that, like people, dogs learn at their own speeds and have their own interests.  Like people, dogs learn best when they feel safe.  And, like people, dogs understand best when the communication is clear.  A clicker helps establish a common language, which Camelia has found to be a highly effective tool.

Camelia's goal is simple: to help pets stay in their homes by providing the best training possible and to make sure everyone enjoys the experience!


  • Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner, with distinction (KPA CTP)
  • Karen Pryor Academy Puppy Start Right Instructor
  • Master of Fine Arts in Poetry,  Washington University in St. Louis 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with a Writing Certificate, magna cum laude, Missouri University in St. Louis​


  • Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), Full Professional Member 
  • American Kennel Club Evaluator and instructor (AKC Evaluator and STAR puppy instructor)
  • ​Pet Professional Guild (PPG), Full Professional Member
  • Greater St. Louis Training Club (GSLTC) 


Camelia Isbell, MFA, KPA CTP


Savvy Dog's Choice, LLC

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